I research the de Harne family of Hawaii, and the related de Haerne family of Belgium and Canada, as well as their ancestors the medieval Counts of Harnes in Artois, France. I also research the Bunce, Hare, Thompson, Percy, and Wathen families, who originally came from England, but now have American descendants. Any information on them is appreciated. I am willing to share what I have.

My wife is a member of the Carty family, originally from Ireland, but from Santa Barbara, California of late, with links to the pioneer Toombs family of Placerville, California, and the Bristol, Harris, and Weeks families of New England. We are interested in information about them as well.


Robert Bunce (1858-1930)


Michael S. Clark

Fairfield, CA
United States


Sidney Dolores Percy (1892-1965)



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