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Henry John "Jack" Bunce (1898-1959) and wife
  Sidney Dolores Percy (1892-1965)
  Los Gatos Memorial Park, Los Gatos, California
    (Evergreen Lawn section, tier (row) 32, stone 28)
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Robert Bunce (1858-1930) and wife
  Margaret Lucy Hare (1861-1945)
  Mountain View Cemetery, Altadena, California
    (Sunrise Terrace, section 2683, graves 9 & 10)
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James Frederick Clark (1924-1999) and wife
  Jacqueline Vere Bunce (1927-1991)
  City View Cemetery, Salem, Oregon
    (Section U, Block 6, lot 1)

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James Frederick Clark, Sr. (1889-1942) and wife
  Louise Mary de Harne (1891-1942)
  Diamond Head Pemorial Park, Honolulu, Hawaii
    (Sec. A, 53-b & 53-c)

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Clemente Gomes (1839-1906) and wife
  Anna de Jesus Ferreira (1832-1914)
  Halawa Catholic Cemetery, North Kohala, Hawaii

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Henry Hare (1824-1892) and wife
  Ann Bunyan (1827-1903)
  St. Marys Churchyard, Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire
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Emil de Harne (1847-1918)
  King Street Catholic Cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii
and wife
Frances Mary Gomes (1868-1957)
  Diamond Head memorial Park, Honolulu, Hawaii
    (Sec. A, 44-i-2)

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Herbert Sidney Percy (1863-1932) and wife
  Maud Annamarie Thompson (1866-1948)
  Mortlake Cemetery, Hammersmith, London
    (also known as Hammersmith New Cemetery)
    section A, plot 6, no. 89
      (there is no actual headstone)

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Richard Sidney Percy (1822-1886) and wife
  Emily Charlotte Fairlam (1835-1904)
  Beckenham Cemetery, Beckenham, London
    (there is no inscription for Emily)

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