* The Diary of Josephine de Harne Jones *


Josephine de Harne
1245 Wilder Ave.
Honolulu, T.H.


I, Josephine Mary Annie de Harne was born January 29, 1894 in Halawa, N. Kohala, T.H. – I was baptized at the Roman Catholic Church in Kapaau N. Kohala, Hawaii. I was confirmed, but just what date, I am not certain. The ceremony, which was performed at the Halawa Church, N. Kohala, Hawaii.

Made my first Holy Communion on May 13, 1909 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, Fort St., Honolulu. At the time, I was attending the Convent of the Sacred Hearts at Fort St., Honolulu.

I started to work at the Liberty House March 11, 1915 in H. department.

My Aunt Alice died last year (this day is the 1st of March 1916) during the great War (Germs. and Allies) in Belgium. All my aunts on my father’s side are dead (father’s sisters). Two uncles (father’s brothers) live in Belgium. Their names are Michel de Haerne, Werner de Haerne. Both live in Ghent, Belgium.

My father Emil de Harne was born in Eecloo, Belgium on Oct. 15, 1847. He came to the H.I. about the year 1882. My mother Frances Gomes Camacho de Harne was born in the Frazazia de Monte in the Madeira Islands. She lived near Funchal, the capital of the Madeira Islands. She was born on December 24, 1867.

When ten years old she came over in a sailing vessel with her parents to the Hawaiian Islands by way of Cape Horn.

When seventeen years old, she married in N. Kohlala, Hawaii. Lived several years in Halawa, N. Kohala and then moved to Hualua, N. Kohala, Hawaii. On Aug. 15, 1914 the family moved to Honolulu. At the present all are living on 1245 Wilder Ave, Honolulu. Had a family of fourteen – 4 died when infants.

  1. Mary Maud de Harne Born Oct. 26, 1888.
  2. Louise Mary de Harne Born Oct. 19, 1890.
  3. Josephine Annie Mary de Harne Born Jan. 29, 1894.
  4. Frances Mary de Harne born Dec. 26, 1897.
  5. Paul Maria de Harne born Aug. 25, 1900.
  6. Maurice Maria de Harne born Jan. 30, 1902.
  7. Edward Maria de Harne born Jan. 20 or 24, 1904.
  8. Alice Helen Mary de Harne born Jan. 10, 1906.
  9. Helen Mary de Harne born April 22, 1910.
  10. Eleanor Gerthruth Mary de Harne born Oct. 10, 1911.
    Joseph Maria de Harne born Oct. 24, 1895 died October 6, 1895.
    Joseph Maria de Harne born Nov. 2, 1896 died Jan 7, 1897.
    Clement Maria de Harne Born March 31, 1899 died Dec. 14, 1899.
    1 not named - born and baptized Nov. 1908.


Family History de Harnes

Before the year 800 A.D. the lands forming the country of Harnus, as Haerne or Harne was then called, were held in fief by the Abby of St. Peter of Ghent from the King of France, and were mostly situated in Artois. About this time, however, the Normans drove the monks away and occupied the land. After many years, the King of France to regain his lands, gave out an edict granting to whoever should conquer the lands from the Normans, would own them in fief. In this our ancestors succeeded and were created Counts of Harnus. They prospered so well that they were called “reguli” – small kings.

Two Michels de Harnus went to the crusades, one with Godfrey de Bouillion, the other with Louis IX (St. Louis) of France.

All we know for many centuries after is that Michel de Harnus (about the 16th century) set fire to his castle & became a monk in the Abbey of St. Peters of Ghent. In the following circumstances as the Kings of France and Spain were at war and as de Harnus held lands in fief from both Kings, it happened that the King of Spain being with his army in the vicinity of Harnus, sent a herald to the count requesting hospitality. To this Michel answered, “Say to the King that it is impossible as there is no more castle of Harnus.” Then he set fire to the building, furniture and documents & went, as said, to Ghent bequeathing his title and all to the Abbey – leaving his younger brother (we descend of him) to earn his bread by the sword. The de Harnus settled in Ypres and were generally governmental employees.

Between the years 1793 and 1815, great grand Uncle Antone (who died three times) lived, and we descend from his brother, who had many children. The eldest one Désire, a priest, was, on account of writing against the Dutch government (Belgium and Holland were one then) was obliged to flee, disguised as a horse merchant to France. When Belgium became independent he was elected member of Congress to frame the Belgian Constitution & later became a representative until his death. He was also director for a school for deaf and dumb and blind girls. Another son August (brother of Désire), died Doyen (deacon) of Ninove, where he had a dozen priests under his direction. Three girls died nuns. There remains our grandfather (papa’s father) Louis, who died Commissioner (governor) of the District of Till-Roulers – Of his marriage with Mathilda Roman were born – Armund, who served as a soldier under Pius IX and died editor of a newspaper in Canada – Werner, who is archivist in Genth – Michel, Judge of the Court of Appeals at Genth, 2 daughters Louise & Alice, who died as nuns – Celin who married Paul Gaillard is also dead. (she left two children Joseph who is a Jesuit priest and Marie Louise who lived usually with Uncle Michel – she has a stepmother) – Mary another aunt died single - Finally, Emil (papa), who started the schools of Halawa, Sprecklesville, Maui and Honomakau, and also the Hawi Post Office.

The only ones of the family known to be living in Belgium are Werner (no children) Michel (one daughter) and Aunt Celin’s children (Marie Louise and Joseph). Then years ago there were in Canada two or three children of Uncle Armund – but whether they are alive is not known by Papa.

Uncle Antone’s Triple Death. This true story took place during the terrible French “Terror” 1793.


German War began August 1914. Americans joined on April 6, 1917.

Surrender of Germans Nov. 10, 1918.

Father died that day few hours before the news reached here.

Uncle Michel de Haerne address is
    Ru Van Velde 44, Ghent, Belgium

Miss Marie Louise Gaillard
    Laventhem Irue Haute, Belgium

Uncle Werner de Haerne
    Ru d’Equerre 17, Bruges, Belgium

Margery Patricia Betz Born March 17, 1919.
Gilbert Frank Betz Born June 4, 1918.
Emile Roy Betz Born January 15, 1920.
Joe Jr. Walsh born May 19, 1921

Uncle Michel daughter Marie Louise not sure.




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