Michael S. Clark, Ph.D. - consulting petroleum geologist
cell: (661) 378-8134     home: (661) 323-6555
email: mikesclark@sjgs.com
609 Elsey St.
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Summary of Qualifications:
An extensive industry and academic background in sequence stratigraphy, reservoir characterization, basin analysis, and sedimentology demonstrating the following skills and abilities:
  • Petroleum geology: +25 years domestic/international, exploration & development experience (400+ wells, including 75 horizontals) in heavy & light oil, steam & waterflood, tight gas & diatomite reservoirs in California, West & North Africa, Idaho-Wyoming Overthrust, and Wyoming-Colorado midcontinent.
  • Geologic research: Several publications on sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochemistry and reservoir modeling of California basins.
  • Seismic interpretation and geochemistry: Graduate coursework and industry experience. Also, lead author of seismic interpretation article in Leading Edge Journal. Graduate geochemistry minor emphasizing oil fingerprinting, source-rock evaluation, and reservoir diagenesis.
  • Computer literacy: Extensive experience building and using reservoir models with 3D-visualization software (Petrel and GoCad), and interpreting source rock maturity models.
Please see online curriculum vitae at www.mikesclark.com/c_vitae.html for details.
1975B.S. EARTH SCIENCES, University of California, Santa Cruz
1979M.S. GEOLOGY, University of California, Davis
1991Ph.D. GEOLOGY, Colorado School of Mines
1980-1986Senior geologist, AMOCO Production Co., Denver, CO
1987-1990Teaching assistant and Consultant, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
1990-1991Research geologist, EXXON, Houston, TX and ELF AQUITAINE, Pau, France
1991-1998Senior geologist, ARCO Western Energy, Bakersfield, CA
1998-2005Staff geologist, CHEVRON North America, Bakersfield, CA
2005-PConsulting Petreoleum Geologist at DeGolyer & MacNaughton, Oxy USA, Aera Energy & elsewhere
1992-PBoard of Governors, California Well Sample Repository
1993-2000several offices of San Joaquin Geological Society, including President
1996-2004Oil Museum Advisory Committee of Kern County Museum Foundation
1997-2003House of Delegates, American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
2000 & 2004Vic Church Best Poster & Levorsen Best Paper Awards, Pacific Section-AAPG.
2005-2006Vice-President of Pacific Section-AAPG.
2006Distinguished Service Award, Pacific Section-AAPG.
California Registered Geologist (#5806), and AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist (#5202).
Member of AAPG, GSA, SEPM, Pacific Section-AAPG, SJGS, SJWLS, SEG, and RMAG.
PUBLICATIONS:Lead author of several Published articles and abstracts.
PERSONAL: Married with children. Eagle Scout and Scouting Silver Beaver honoree.

Michael S. Clark - Selected Publications
(Please see CURRICULUM VITAE  for REFERENCES and a complete list of PUBLICATIONS)
Clark, M. S., Prather, R. K., and Melvin, J. D., 2003, Characterization and Exploitation of the Distal Margin of a Fan-Shaped Turbidite Reservoir – The ARCO-DOE 91X-3 Horizontal Well Project, Yowlumne Field, San Joaquin Basin, California in (Carr, T.R., Mason, E.P., and Feazel, C.T., eds.) Horizontal Wells: Focus on the Reservoir: AAPG Methods in Exploration Series No. 14, p. 11-26.
Clark, M. S., 2001, Sequence stratigraphy of an interbedded biogeneic-clastic reservoir, Belridge diatomite at Lost Hills field, San Joaquin basin, California (abtract): Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, v. 85, p. 1117-1118.
Clark, M. S., Tucker, K. E., and Klonsky, L. F., 2001, Geological study and multiple 3D surveys give clues to complex reservoir architecture of giant Coalinga oil field, San Joaquin Valley, California: The Leading Edge (Geophysics of Giant Oil Fields - July issue), v. 20, p. 744-751.
Clark, M. S., 2000, From tar seeps to anticlines and back: The rise and fall of the anticlinal theory in the California Transverse Ranges (abstract): Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, v. 84, p. 862-863.
Clark, M. S., Prather, R. K. and Melvin, J. D., 1998, Characterization and exploitation of the distal margin of a layered, low-permeability turbidite reservoir, Miocene Stevens sandstone, San Joaquin basin, California: Extended abstracts book, EAGE/AAPG Third research Symposium (Developing and managing turbidite reservoirs - Case histories and experiences), European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, Almeria, Spain, 3-9 October 1998, section A011 (8 pgs.).
Clark, M. S., Beckley, L. M., Crebs, T. J., and Singleton, M. T., 1996, Tectono-eustatic controls on reservoir compartmentalization: An example from the upper Miocene, California: Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 13, p. 475-491.
Clark, M. S., 1995, The Cozy Dell Formation: Delta progradation and turbidite deposition during sea-level highstand (abstract): Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, v 79, p. 581.
Clark, M. S., 1994, Sedimentation response to earthquake-related events, middle Eocene, Ventura basin, California in Fritsche, A. E., ed., Sedimentology and paleontology of Eocene rocks in the Sespe Creek area, Ventura County, California: Pacific Section–SEPM, Guidebook 74, p. 9-38.
Clark, M. S., Lillis, P. G., and Gregory, G., 1993, The Sespe Oil Fields: An example of a kinetic trap with a subthrust source (abstract): Amer. Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists Bull., v. 77, p. 693.
Clark, M. S., 1992, Diagenetic controls on laumontite cementation of plagioclase-bearing sandstones, Transverse Ranges, California (abstract): Amererican Association of Petroleum Geologists, Pacific Section Convention Programs and Abstracts, Sacramento, California, 1992.
Clark, M. S., 1991, Sequence stratigraphy and facies architecture of a shallow-marine to basin transition, Middle Eocene, Southern California: Ph.D. thesis, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, 468 p.
Clark, M. S. and Bond, G. C., 1978, Clay mineralogy of the Upper Jurassic to Cretaceous section of the Great Valley Sequence exposed at Putah Creek in Kramer, J. C., ed., Geologic guide to the northern California Coast Ranges: Sacramento to Bodega Bay: Geologic Society of Sacramento, Annual Field Trip Guidebook, v. 1978, p. 115-129.


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