Descent of Ada of Boelare from Charlemagne



The Counts of Harnes are descendants of Charlemagne through Ada of Boelare, who married either Michael IV of Harnes (d. 1198), or his son Philip of Boelare. Her ancestry is discussed by both Demarquette (1856, p. 52-53), and Pascallet (1857, p. 8).

Lineage I

(Descent of Ada of Boelare from Charlemagne through the Counts of Flanders and the Counts of Hainaut)
  1. Charlemagne (c.742-814), son of Pepin the Short, and Emperor of the Franks;
    b. prob. on April 2, 742 prob. in Herstal, Wallonia (Belgium);
    m. c.771 to Hildegard (758-783), dau. of Gerold of Vinzgouw;
    d. Jan. 28, 814 at Aachen (Germany).
    Charlemagne had eighteen children with eight of his ten wives/concubines, including his son Louis who follows.

  2. Louis I the Pious (778-840), Emperor of the Franks, son of above;
    b. 778 at Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France;
    m. 819 in Aachen, Germany to Judith of Bavaria (805-843), dau. of Count Welf of Bavaria;
    d. June 20, 840 at Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany.

  3. Charles II "the Bald" (823-877), King of the Franks, son of above;
    b. June 13, 823 in Frankfurt, Germany;
    m. 842 to Ermentrude (823-869), dau. of Odo I, Count of Orleans;
    d. Oct. 6, 877, while crossing the pass of Mont Cenis at Brides-les-Bains.
    Buried at the abbey of Nantua, Burgundy, and probably later transferred to the Basilique Saint-Denis in Paris, France.

  4. Judith of Flanders (844-870), dau. of above;
    b. Oct.844 in Orleans, France;
    m. Dec. 12, 862 at Auxerre, France to Baldwin "Iron Arm" (d. 879), 1st Count of Flanders;
    d. 870 at _______________.

  5. Baldwin II (c.865-918), Count of Flanders and King of Jerulsalem, son of above;
    b. c.865 in Flanders, France;
    m. 884 to Ælfthryth of Wessex (877-929), dau. of Alfred the Great, King of England;
    d. Sept.10, 918 at Blandimberg (Blandimberg), Ghent, Belgium.

  6. Arnulph the Great (c.890-965), Count of Flanders, son of above;
    b. c.890 in Flanders, France;
    m. 934 to Adele of Vermandois (910-960), dau. of Herbert II of Vermandois;
    d. March 27, 965 at Flanders, France.

  7. Baldwin III (940-962), Count of Flanders, son of above;
    b. 940 in ________________;
    m. ___________ to Mathilde Billung (d. 1008), of Saxony, dau of Herman Billung, Duke of Saxony;
    d. Jan. 1, 962 at _______________.

  8. Arnulph II (961-987), Count of Flanders, son of above;
    b. Dec.961 in Flanders, France;
    m. ___________ to Rozala (Susanna) of Italy (d. 1003), dau of Berengar of Italy;
    d. March 20, 988 at Flanders, France.
    Berengar is often said to be a descendant of Charlemagne, but this probably is not valid.

  9. Baldwin IV (980-1036), Count of Flanders, son of above;
    b. 980 in Flanders, France;
    m. 1012 at Flanders, France to Ogive of Luxembourg (d. 1036), dau. of Frederick of Luxembourg, Count of Moselgau;
    d. May 30, 1036 at Luxembourg, Belgium.

  10. Baldwin V (1012-1067), Count of Flanders, son of above;
    b. 1012 in Flanders, France;
    m. 1028 in Paris, France to Adèle of France (1009-1079), dau of Robert II "the Pious", King of France;
    d. Sept. 1, 1067 at Lilli, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

  11. Baldwin VI the Good (c.1030-1070), Count of Hainaut (1051-1070) and Count of Flanders (1067-1070), son of above;
    b. c.1030 at ____;
    m. ____ at ____ to Richilde (c.1018-1086), Countess of Hainaut, and widow of Herman of Mons (d. 1049), Count of Flanders;
    d. July 17, 1070 at ____.
    Buried in the church of St. Peter's of Hasnon, which he built. His sister Mathilda of Flanders (c.1031-1083)
    married William the Conqueror, the King of England.

  12. Baldwin II of Jerulsalem (1056-1098?), Count of Hainaut, son of above;
    b. 1056 at ____;
    m. ____ at ____ to Ida of Louvain (d. 1139), dau. of Henry II, Count of Louvain;
    d. 1098? on a crusade in the Holy Land.
    Buried ____.

  13. Arnould of Hainaut (d. after 1117), Sire of Roeulx (in name of his wife), son of above;
    b. ____ at ____;
    m. ____ at ____ to Beatrix of Roeulx (c.1075-after 1136), dau. and heir of Walter of Roeulx (von Ath), Castellan of Ath.
    d. after 1117 at ____.
    Buried ____.

  14. Ida of Roeulx (xxx), dau. of above;
    b. ____ at ____;
    m. ____ at ____ to Nicholas of Boelare, Peer of Flanders;
    d. ____ at ____.
    Buried ____.

  15. Ada of Boelare (xxx), dau. of above;
    b. ____ at ____;
    m. ____ at ____ to Michel IV (d. 1198), Count of Harnes and Constable of Flanders. Her first husband;
    d. ____ at ____.
    Ada may have actually married Philip of Boelare, the son of Michel IV.
    In either case, the line of descent continues through her to the subsequent Counts of Harnes.
    Her 2nd husband was Giles of Trazegnies, and her 3rd husband was Razo of Gavere.






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