Isham Family Ancestry
showing descent from
King Hugh Capet of France



  1. Hugh Capet (940-996), King of France, and descendant of Charlemagne;
    b. 940 at Paris, France;
    m. 969 to Adelaide of Aquitaine (c.945 or 952-1004), dau. of William III, Duke of Aquitaine;
    d. Oct. 24, 996 at Paris, France.
    Buried in the Saint Denis Basilica in Paris. (FMG ref.)

  2. Robert II "the Pious" (972-1031), King of France, son of above;
    b. March 27, 972 at Orléans, France;
    m. 1001 to Constance of Arles (986-1034), dau. of William I, Count of Provence;
    d. July 20, 1031 at Melun, France.
    He is buried in the Saint Denis Basilica in Paris, France. (FMG ref.)

  3. Henry I (1008-1060), King of France, son of above;
    b. May 4, 1008 at Reims, France;
    m. May 19, 1051 at the cathedral of Reims to Anne of Kiev (d. 1075), dau. of Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev;
    d. Aug. 4, 1060 at Vitry-aux-Loges, France.
    He is buried in the Saint Denis Basilica in Paris, France. Anne is buried at Villiers Abbey, La-Ferte-Alais, Essonne, France. (FMG ref.)

  4. Hugh I "Magnus" (1057-1101), Prince of France, Count of Vermandois, son of above;
    b. 1057;
    m. after 1067 to Adelaide de Vermandois (1062-1122), dau. of Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois;
    d. Oct. 18, 1101 at Tarsus, Turkey.
    He joined the Crusade of 1101, but was wounded in battle in September, and died in October in Tarsus.
    He is buried in the Church of St. Paul in Tarsus, Turkey.
    His wife Adelaide is considered the last member of the Carolingian dynasty. (FMG ref.)

  5. Isabel (Elizabeth) de Vermandois (c.1085-c.1148), Countess of Leicester, dau. of above;
    b. before 1088;
    m. 1096 (divorced in 1115) to Robert de Beaumont (d. 1118), Count of Meulan, 1st Earl of Leicester, son of Roger de Beaumont;
    d. Feb. 17, 1131 and buried at Lewes, France. (FMG ref.)

  6. Isabel Beaumont, dau. of above;
    b. 1102/1107;
    m. to Gilbert FitzGilbert de Clare (c.1100-1148), 2nd Lord Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke, son of Gilbert Fitz Richard, Lord of Clare;
    d. after 1172.
    Isabel prior to her marriage had been the mistress of King Henry I of England. (FMG ref.)

  7. Richard "Strongbow" de Clare (1130-1176), 2nd Earl of Pembroke, son of above;
    b. 1130;
    m. August 26, 1171 in Waterford, Ireland to Aoife MacMurrough (1145-1188), dau. of Dermot MacMurrough , King of Leinster in Ireland;
    d. April 20, 1176 at Dublin, Ireland.
    He is buried in Dublin's Trinity Christ Church Cathedral. (FMG ref.)

  8. Isabel de Clare (1172-1220), 4th Countess of Pembroke, dau. of above;
    b. 1172 in Ireland;
    m. Aug. 1189 in London to William Marshal (1147-1219), 4th Earl of Pembroke, Marshal of England, son of John Marshal;
    d. 1220 at Pembrokeshire, Wales.
    Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, called Marshal the "greatest knight that ever lived".
    Isabel was Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, with a cenotaph inside St. Mary's Church in New Ross, Ireland. (FMG ref.)

  9. Eva de Marshal (1203-1246), dau. of above;
    b. c.1203 at Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales;
    m. to William de Braose (Briouse) (c.1197-1230), son of Reginald de Braose;
    d. c.1246.
    Her husband William de Braose was hanged on May 2, 1230 when the Prince of Wales caught William with his wife. (FMG ref.)

  10. Eva Braose (1227-1255), dau. of above;
    b. 1227;
    m. to William de Cantilupe (d. 1254), son of William II de Cantilupe;
    d. July 20, 1255. (FMG ref.)

  11. Milicent Cantilupe (d. c.1299), dau. of above;
    m. (her second husband) bef. Dec. 13, 1273 to Eudes (Eudo, Eon) la Zouch (d. 1279), son of Roger la Zouch;
    d. bef. Jan. 7, 1299. (FMG ref.) (document)

  12. Lucy la Zouch (d. 1326), dau. of above;
    b. 1279 at Harringworth, Northamptonshire;
    m. Oct. 23, 1312 to Sir Thomas Greene (1292-1352), 5th Lord de Greene, son of Thomas Greene, 4th Lord de Greene;
    d. Oct. 23, 1326 at Harringworth, Northamptonshire.
    Thomas was High Sheriff of Northampton in the early part of the reign of Edward III. (Greene ref.) (House ref.)

  13. Sir Henry Greene (1310-1369), King's Chief Justice, son of above;
    b. 1310 at Greene's Norton, Northamptonshire;
    m. c.1340 to Catherine de Drayton, dau. of Sir John de Drayton and Philippa d'Ardene;
    d. August 6, 1369 at Broughton, Dorsetshire.
    Buried in the church in Boughton in Northamptonshire. (Greene ref.) (Genealogics ref.) (House ref.)

  14. Sir Henry Greene the younger (c.1347-1399), son of above;
    b. c.1347 at Greene's Norton, Northamptonshire;
    m. c.1368 to Mathilda (Maud) de Mauduit (b. 1354), dau. of Thomas de Mauduit;
    d. July 24, 1399 at Bristol Castle, England.
    Beheaded by Henry Bolingbroke, Earl of Hereford. (Greene ref.) (Genealogics ref.)

  15. John Greene, son of above;
    m. to Margaret Greene, dau. of Walter Greene. (Greene ref.) (Genealogics ref.)

  16. Isabella Greene, dau. of above;
    m. to Richard de Vere of Thrapston (d. 1480), son of Richard de Vere of Thrapston & Addington. (Greene ref.) (Genealogics ref.) (Waters ref.)

  17. Elena Vere (b. c.1465), dau. of above;
    b. c.1465 at Addington, Northamptonshire;
    m. c.May 11 1485 to Thomas Isham (b. c.1456) Picheley (Pytchley), only son of William Isham.
    Their son Euseby Isham continues as Generation XVIII in the lineage below, and in the lineage on the Isham Family. (Cooke ref.) (Waters ref.)


(This lineage is based on fairly well-known, much-studied pedigrees of Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee,
who share common ancestors in Thomas Isham and Elena Vere (Generation XVII) from the above chart.
This shared ancestry includes several generations of Thomas and Elena's descendants.)


Elena is 17th in direct descent from King Hugh Capet of France.
The Isham Family Ancestry link shown above leads to a pedigree that shows
the line of descent from Elena Vere and Thomas Isham to the Baronets of Lamport.






The Shared Ancestry of Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee


Elena Vere and her husband Thomas Isham of Pytchley (Generation XVII above) are shared ancestors of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson and Confederate General Robert E. Lee. From Elena and Thomas descend five generations of the Isham family down to Mary Isham (c.1659-1735), whose husband William Randolph of Turkey Island in Henrico County, Virginia (1650-1711) helped to shape the history of the British colonies in America. Due to their many prominent descendants, some genealogists refer to Mary and William as the "Adam and Eve of Virginia". For example, their nine surviving children include Isham Randolph of Dungeness (1684-1742), who is the grandfather of Thomas Jefferson; and their daughter Elizabeth Randolph (c.1680-1719/20), who is an ancestor of Robert E. Lee.


  1. Euseby Isham (c.1486-1546), son of Elena Vere and Thomas Isham, who are Generation XVII in the preceding lineage;
    b. c.1486 at ____;
    m. ___ to Anne Pulton (xxx), dau. of Giles Pulton (xxx);
    d. 1546 at ____. (Cooke ref.) (Vincent ref.)

  2. Gregory Isham (c.1520-1558), son of above;
    b. c.1520 at ____;
    m. ___ to Elizabeth Dale (xxx), dau. of Matthew Dale (xxx);
    d. Sept. 4, 1588 probably at Braunston, Northamptonshire. (Cooke ref.) (Vincent ref.)

  3. Sir Euseby Isham (1552/53-1626), son of above;
    b. Feb. 26, 1552/53 at ____;
    m. ___ to Anne Borlase (d. 1627), dau. of John Borlase (xxx) of Marlowe, Buckinghamshire;
    d. June 11, 1626 at ____.
    Served in 1584 as High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, and knighted on May 11, 1603 by James I. (Cooke ref.) (Longden ref.) (Vincent ref.)

  4. William Isham (c.1587- ), son of above;
    bapt. March 20, 1587/88 at Braunton, Northamptonshire;
    m. Aug. 15, 1625 at Toddington. Bedfordshire to Mary Brett (xxx), dau. of William Brett (xxx);
    d. ____ at ____. (Longden ref.) (Vincent ref.)

  5. Capt. Henry Isham (c.1628-c.1675), son of above;
    b. c.1628 in Northamptonshire;
    m. ___ to Katherine Banks (1630-1686), dau. of Christopher Banks (xxx), and widow of Joseph Royall (xxx);
    d. c.1675 at ____.
    Emigrated about 1656 to America, where he settled in the Bermuda Hundred, Henrico County, Virginia. (Longden ref.)

  6. Mary Isham (c.1658-1735), dau. of above;
    b. c.1658 at Bermuda Hundred, Henrico County, Virginia;
    m. 1678 in Henrico Co., Virginia to William Randolph of Turkey Island (1650-1711), son of Richard Randolph (c.1621-1678);
    d. Dec. 29, 1735 at Turkey Island, Henrico Co., Virginia. (Longden ref.)

    • Their son Isham Randolph of Dungeness (1684-1742) is the grandfather of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826),

      Isham Randolph Jane Randolph (1720-1776) Thomas Jefferson
    • Their daughter Elizabeth Randolph (c.1680-1719/20) is an ancestor of Robert E. Lee (1807-1870).

      Elizabeth Randolph Mary Bland (1704-1764) Henry Lee II (1730-1787) Henry Lee III (1756-1818) Robert E. Lee










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